'I will protect my Constitution'

“The Constitution is the sole protector of the poor and we will never be like Zimbabwe.”

South Africa’s Constitution turns 21 in December 2017.

News24 asked: What does the Constitution mean to you? How has it improved or changed your life?

Here are some of the responses via Facebook.

Dialogue seems the only way to make things simplest. Corruption does not go hand in hand with integrity and honesty. A corrupt leader must not get any form of respect and must feel the embarrassment through length and width of the country

Zola Ttiti

To me it was the supreme law that protects all South African but now not anymore, since someone can violate it and nothing happens. It is not protecting the people of the country but those who occupy the highest office of the land. How can the president violate his oath of office and yet remain the president? Our constitution was the best but it been reduced to just a piece of paper.

Noxolo Mnisi

It basically means freedom, and to take advantage of this by the various act(s) in our Constitution.
1- Right To Participate & Contribute To The Economy
2-Right To Vote
3-Right To Housing etc, so many rights…
The other aspects would be human dignity, equality etc…
Freedom & Responsibility basically

Johnathan Peters

Okay, this is my take on this matter. The Constitution of my country is as far as I am concerned the best for a few wealthy select. The justice system will not be of any good to anyone who doesn’t have money in stacks. This is only my observation, you don’t have to agree with me.

Frankie Taylor

I will protect my Constitution including the independence of our Judiciary so that our democracy is not compromised. The Constitution is the sole protector of the poor and we will never be like Zimbabwe as long as people like me still believe in our Constitutional Democracy.

Sothandokuhle Tar Sotha Gwele

What section of the Constitution has had the most impact on your life? Share your thoughts with us by uploading them here or say something on social media using the hashtag #ArchForArch or Whatsapp us on 078 293 2059.

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