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‘We could not live where we wanted to…now we can’

“The South African Constitution allows us now only after a long struggle to make our own choices, live in areas we were previously forbidden from, and visit all public spaces without fear of discrimination.”

The Constitution ‘gives the disenfranchised a false sense of freedom’

Here are some views from citizens who believe the Constitution is not beneficial to all South Africans, but rather favours those in power.

‘I’m free to practise my beliefs thanks to the Constitution’

“I pray that we one day live in a South Africa where equality for all is not just written on paper but fully lived by ALL citizens of this beautiful land.”

‘How I would change the lives of Trans and Intersex people in SA’

Juanita van Zyl highlights solutions to the problems Transgender & Intersex people face in South Africa.

‘How the Constitution affected my life in the past 21 years’

The SA Constitution of 1994 has bestowed upon the inhabitants of South Africa many rights, some of which are unknown to the average laymen.

‘Something that stands between us & anarchy’ – Twitter users on the Constitution

News24 took to Twitter and asked: What does the Constitution mean to you? How has it improved or changed your life?

Zelda La Grange: The Constitution ‘a yard stick for us all to live by’

After the euphoria of the birth of our new democracy had died down, the Constitution became the glue that holds the core of South Africa together, says Zelda La Grange.

‘What the Constitution means to me as a Transgender/Intersex woman’

IN FOCUS: Arch for Arch a reminder of how far we’ve come

“…the intimate relationship between the public and any monument or symbol needs to be real.”

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