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Zackie Achmat: ‘Life is measurably better’

“Today people are not oppressed by pass-laws, kids can travel to the city and walk in the city and never imagine apartheid in the city.”

‘The Constitution gives us rights’

“The Constitution gives us rights but with rights comes a great responsibility.” What does the Constitution mean to you?

‘We need to work together to build a successful country’

What does the Constitution mean to you? How has it improved or changed your life? Join the conversation.

‘Is the Constitution governed by incompetence?’

“There’s no point to a Constitution governed by incompetence and greed and countless holidays.”

‘Constitution of of South Africa is an excellent document’

‘Honour our Constitution. Honour the promise.’

“Our Constitution is a promise for everyone to do great things and be great.”

‘The ultimate guidebook’

The Constitution is a bit like the T&Cs or small print in any contract, except it’s a bit more accessible and meaningful to everyone, writes Roy McKenzie.

‘The freedom to be yourself’

Freedom of speech is something that I as a South African did not know during apartheid, writes Lorraine Gericke.

‘The Constitution encapsulates the spirit South Africa’

The Constitution encapsulates the entire spirit of the new South Africa we embarked on in 1994. In a way, it reflects my naïve hopefulness at age 7, that everything will be alright, writes Alet Janse van Rensburg.

What does the Constitution say about education?

The Constitution ensures that no university in South African can deny access to students based on their race.

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