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Rights and obligations

The constitution contains a number of rights, balanced by the same number of obligations to the individual that wants to claim a specific right.

‘Political parties should serve the people’

Our political parties should serve the people of the country and they must refrain from any wrong doings.

‘The Constitution was meant to be the guidance’

“The Constitution gives power to politicians who are failing to manage the country.”

The Constitution means ‘the chance to always begin again’

The Constitution means to me: history, hope, and the chance to always begin again.

‘The Constitution should be a work-in-progress’

The Constitution should be a work-in-progress. It must demonstrate practically that it safeguards the rights of each and every citizen. 

‘I will protect my Constitution’

“The Constitution is the sole protector of the poor and we will never be like Zimbabwe.”

‘It’s the duty of all South Africans to hold power to account’

“As long as the Constitution is upheld, South Africa cannot find itself in the same situation as Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe served as president for 37 years.”

‘Tutu has broken down a lot of barriers’

“Archbishop Desmond Tutu has always fought for what is right and just. He is a man of integrity.”

Bishop Margaret Vertue: ‘The Constitution gave people great expectations’

The Constitution means a tremendous amount but sadly we are not living it out, says Bishop Margaret Vertue.

Albie Sachs: ‘Ours is a Constitution for transformation’

“Young people need to maximise the opportunities that the Constitution offers,” says Albie Sachs.

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