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‘All people are treated fairly’

“The Constitution to me means all people are treated fairly and no one who is corrupt should be allowed in government.

‘South Africans have freedom of speech because of the Constitution’

“If we are mindful of what is important to us this country can be a better place.”

‘Everyone should have a home’

Everyone should have a roof to stay under.

‘The Constitution is my grandchildren’s future’

“The Constitution is very important to me, especially my grandchildren because it’s their future.”

‘I’m free!’

‘The Constitution to me means freedom.’

‘The Constitution means to me to be free’

“It gives us the freedom to be whatever we want to be but it could be improved.’

‘I’m happy about the SA Constitution’

“I am a foreigner and it has helped me”

‘We know nothing about the Constitution’

“No one comes to the townships to tell us we are changing things.”

‘It’s not improving anything’

“It’s not improving anything. Enough is enough. Everything must change.’

‘Lots of people are struggling to get jobs’

“The government should make getting jobs easier.”

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