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‘To us it means freedom’

What section of the Constitution has had the most impact on your life?

‘The Constitution is more than the land’

“The Constitutions is about more than people wanting their land back.”

‘There’s no equality’

‘I feel like there’s still no equality in this country.’

‘SA constitution means nothing to me’

“The Constitution means nothing to me because Zuma failed many times and is still president.”

‘There are no values in our country’

Lindy Wannenburg says people don’t have trust in the government.

‘The justice system is non-existent’

Vanessa Reyneke says if the government care about the people it will be a better country.

‘A lot of things changed after 1994’

“The South African Constitution means a lot to me because a lot of things changed after 1994.”

‘It’s a very good Constitution’

“It’s a very good Constitution as everyone is protected in South Africa.”

‘People have a voice’

‘People have a voice and they can speak out’

‘The Constitution doesn’t make sense’

“The Constitution doesn’t make sense because the things that are supposed to happen aren’t happening.”

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